How to Pack Your China and Glassware When You Move

Isolated wine glasses on white

Isolated wine glasses on white

Few people delight in the task of packing. It is a time-consuming chore, but it needs to be done for it’s the only way to safely get your possessions out. At some point in your packing, you will be standing before your dining room and you will need to tackle your grandmother’s most precious china and fragile collection of crystal glassware. Because these items are delicate and can easily break, it is very important that you take up great care in packing them up. Read on to pick up some strategies on how to safely pack your china and glassware when you move.

To correctly pack your China dishes and glassware, you must completely cover each piece with a bubble wrap or piece of paper. Bubble wrap provides the best protective cushion, but this material isn’t always inexpensive so you may resort to a more affordable option of using packing paper or newspaper.

Pack your flat china dishes by individually wrapping each piece using several pieces of paper. You can then stack three or four of them together and wrap them in a bundle. To pack your fragile stemware like wine glasses and goblets, take several pieces of paper and stuff the interior of the globe. Then, lay down the glass on a stack of wrapping paper, roll and tuck all the sides toward the glass. Repeat similar strategy to your delicate bowls, glasses and cups.

Putting your china and glassware into packing boxes requires a little bit of preparation, too. Whenever you can, buy dish barrels or boxes that are built to transport fragile items. Making do with flimsy cardboard boxes isn’t a wise idea especially if the china and glassware you own hold a high monetary and sentimental value. Special boxes are well-padded and they wouldn’t easily give way with the heavy weight of all your plates and glasses.

To safely put your breakables into the box, make sure to line the bottom with packing peanuts or crumpled paper. The layer of packing peanuts should rise up to 1/4 of the box whereas the crumpled paper layer should be at least 6″ high.

When placing the fragile items inside, see to it that the heavy pieces are placed at the bottom and the light ones are ensconced on the upper part. Never lay the plates flat. They should be arranged on their sides. Wrapped stemware, glasses and cups should be placed in an upright position. Use dividers whenever possible. To layer them, add another cardboard piece on top and wadded paper or packing peanuts and repeat the arrangement.

As soon as you finish putting them in, it is very important that you fill the gaps in between the pieces with packing peanuts or crumpled paper. Fill the top of the carton with the same protective cushions, too. Once you close the box, don’t forget to label “fragile” and indicate its contents. Make sure also that you label which direction is up.

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Why Are More Musicians Moving to Austin Than Ever Before?

No matter what your profession may be, one attractive reason to move deep into the heart of Texas is the low cost of living. On top of that, Austin, Texas, draws musicians in droves thanks to its title as the Live Music Capital of the World.

Quick Facts About Living in Austin

Before you pack your bags and hit the road, consider these fun facts about living in the great city of Austin:

  • As of 2009, Austin’s population was near 2 million.
  • Yearly growth continues at an average rate of 3%.
  • Austin cost of living is at 96.5, well below the US index at 100.
  • The average housing price is $182,000.

For many aspiring musicians, the low cost of living in the city is enough to seal the deal, especially compared to a more expensive city like Los Angeles. In Austin, you’ll have the best of both worlds; you’ll be provided with the opportunity to perform in a number of up-and-coming live music venues without having to break the bank on rent.

What Draws Musicians to Austin?

Beyond the obvious cost of living benefit, many musicians are attracted to Austin because of the atmosphere. It has been named one of the best cities to live in, as well as one of the fastest-growing cities in the US.

Musicians that have visited Austin in one of many yearly festivals often fall in love with the city and decide to move back. A musician looking for the opportunity to break into the performance scene may consider Austin the perfect place for live concerts with the potential for serious exposure.

In another interesting turn of events, many aspiring musicians choose to attend the University of Texas at Austin before pursuing a music career. Once they have moved to the city to study for four years or more, they are likely to stick around and put down roots.

While the booming musical scene is difficult to deny, here are several other benefits to consider of living in the city of Austin:

  • Ample job opportunities. As a musician, you’re likely to need a part-time job. Fortunately, the job market is lucrative in Austin with a low unemployment rate.


  • Friendly atmosphere. True to Texas stereotype, Austin residents are sociable and welcoming, making it easy to make friends in a new city.


  • Constant activity. Besides live music, Austin will never leave you bored with its year-round event calendar. You’ll have your pick of film and art festivals, races, and other cultural shows to keep you busy on the weekend.


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