Could the Low Cost of Living in Texas Mean Better Luck for Artists and Musicians?

As a struggling artist or musician, you’re probably on a budget – a very strict budget – until you get your big break. For artists or musicians that have decided to move to the big city, like Los Angeles or New York, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to make ends meet.

Austin Is the Live Music Capital of the World

It’s no secret that Austin is now considered the Live Music Capital of the World, an official slogan that gained notoriety as early as 1991. The reason being is because Austin, Texas, has more live music venues per capita than any other location in the US.

For musicians, this is a dream come true. Instead of moving to a crowded city like LA to meet an agent, you could live in a warm and inviting metropolis like Austin that is home to thousands of performing artists.

For artists, Austin is also a dream realized since it is a mecca of fine arts and culture. On any given weekend, you’re likely to find dozens of art openings or exhibitions in the Austin area that feature both nationally acclaimed and local artists in a number of mediums.

Does Austin’s Low Cost of Living Make It More Feasible for Artists?

Now, on to the important question at hand. Texas has been named one of the cheapest places to live with average housing prices as low as $209,000 in a city like Brownsville. While Austin may rank as slightly more expensive, its cost of living is rated at only 102 compared to 100 for the United States average.

Compared to the rest of the US at an average of 100, food is even cheaper in Austin at 84; utilities rank in at 99, almost matching the national average.

Even more exciting is the fact that Austin has been ranked as number 2 in the 20 best cities for twenty-somethings, thanks to its competitive median income at $50,132 with average rent for a one-bedroom apartment at $777.

For a struggling artist or musician, these statistics could be enough to convince you to pack your bags and move deep into the heart of Texas. Austin is a diverse city with a thriving music and arts culture, providing the perfect opportunity for career-boosting exposure. On top of that, the city has a strong economy with affordable housing and a low cost of living to boot.